Your puppy at school – introduction

A puppy learns quickly. Train step by step and reward the desired behaviour.

There is no dog that immediately knows what you mean when you say ‘sit’ to him. He doesn’t speak English, French or Dutch. He is especially good at ‘behaviour’. He learns very quickly by making associations. What does this get me?

When training you use association learning. Your dog shows exactly what you want, his butt touches the ground, you say ‘good job’ and give him a treat. Yum! Repeat it a few times. I bet he’ll sit down again. Add a cue (or command) and your dog has learned what to do. You say ‘sit’ and he immediately sits down, with his buttocks on the floor. Reward based training is the key.

Infoletter TRAINING

Everything at a glance in the TRAINING Information Letter. What do you need? What is the right reward. How do you structure a training?

Click on the text ‘Open PDF‘ to read the TRAINING Infoletter on the special dogNL web page.

Information on training

training infoletter
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