Onboarding your expat dog

Integrating your dog into the Dutch doggy world or ‘onboarding your dog’.

Relocating to a completely different environment can be tough for your dog. Living in a new house in a foreign country. Walking in a park with stray dogs. New smells, new sounds, new rules, new customs. Integration does not always happen automatically. Not only the owner but also his dog can become stressed.


dogNL has an integration course for every dog ​​owner who wants to quickly integrate his expat dog into our Dutch ‘doggy world’: Onboarding your Dog, or an Integration course for Dogs.

Every dog ​​wants to enjoy a wonderful dog life

dogNL has useful links with information, advice on behaviour and exercises for the expat dog. Of course I also work with veterinarians and other dog professionals. Customization for adjusting or solving problems, so that dog and owner can quickly enjoy a wonderful (dog)life in the Netherlands.

Onboarding in 3 stages:

  1. The first day in your new home
    • First night in a new house, in another country
    • Crate = safe place
    • Housetraining in your new house
    • Clean up
    • Dutch Dog Poop
    • What to do when your dog has run away
    • Getting a new routine
    • A relaxed dog
  2. The second week in your new house
    • Choosing a new veterinarian (“dierenarts”) or vet clinic (“dierenartspraktijk”)
    • Dutch Pet insurance
    • Pet dog tax (“hondenbelasting”)
    • Food and other dog stuff
    • Being home alone
    • Walking on the lead  -1 rules&regulations
    • Walking on the lead  -2 re-training your dog
    • Dog walk services (“hondenuitlaat”) en Dog day care (“hondenopvang”)
  3. After the first week in his new house
    • Re-socialization
    • Advice on behaviour
    • Dog training, refresh the basics
    • Dogs on the beach
    • Pet dog traveling in public transport
    • Traveling in Europe 

Useful links for pets moving to or living in the Netherlands