Dog Language, a guide to dog behavior.

Based on knowledge about your dog’s body language and photos of everyday situations, you learn to look and understand what your dog is saying. Ideal for raising your dog to become a wonderful 4-legged friend.

dogNL can help you and your dog with the (re)education of your dog. You get access to dogNL‘s digital course for a year.


Dog Language, a guide to dog behaviour.

We sometimes experience dog behaviour as problem behaviour. What is natural behaviour for a dog does not always suit us. This guide will give you basic information about how a dog communicates and what it means. Only when you ‘understand’ your dog can you raise him to be a wonderful family friend.

  • Look: what does the position of the tail and ears or posture of the dog mean; examples with photos and explanation.
  • Stress: how can you see that your dog is stressed; examples with photos and explanations.
  • The Stress Ladder, how intense is the stress for your dog: from yawning and looking away to nipping and biting.
  • What do I see? Learn to watch dogs in everyday situations. Some photos to practice. To know what a dog is saying, you first need to know how it feels. You look at tail, ears, posture, stress signals, the intensity and especially at the situation in which he shows the behavior.
  • Do I take action? Learn what you would do from pictures of dogs. Are you going to help your dog or not? Use the knowledge you have gained in the previous parts for this.
  • Quiz. Of course it is fun to finally test your knowledge. You will be shown a few pictures of dogs in everyday situations. You know what the position of the ears, tail and posture mean. You look at any stress signals and can estimate how your dog is feeling. You see what kind of situation he is in. You get to see a photo, can think about it and answer the question that is asked. Afterwards you can go back to view all the photos, see the correct answer with accompanying explanation.


Dog Language, understanding dog behaviour, a simple guide   


Dog Language, understanding dog behaviour, a simple guide   click HERE for a quick view of the course