The right reward

No puppy immediately listens to what you ask of him. You are going to teach him that, in baby steps. What helps is that he is rewarded when he does well. Then he likes to do the exercise again.

Sometimes you see him watching, he makes a decision: what is more fun or tastier. That other dog or playing with you? Follow the cyclist or not. With the right reward he makes the right choice. If that doesn’t work yet, go for (temporary) management. Keep your dog on a leash for a while, keep training him to ‘come here’, so he can soon run free.

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Reward = Motivation

Every dog ​​would likes a sweet word, a tasty treat, playing together, a cuddle, …  Find out what your dog likes. You can use it as a reward during your training. Note that not everything always works. A pat on the head is fine if he sits down nicely when being put on a leash, but usually does not work well when teaching the ‘sit’ exercise. Then a treat or tug game is more fun.

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When a dog is born he knows one thing: eat, sleep and grow! Training a puppy is therefore best done with food. For training at home, you can use the kibble you put in the food bowl. Put a handful in a separate container and give a bit less in his food bowl.


Some dogs don’t care about food. See which toy your dog really likes. Play with it often. Swap with another toy or very tasty treat and then put it away. You will see that you can quickly use this toy as a reward for properly performing the exercise.

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